My First Job

Starting at Plymouth University has been an incredible experience so far. I’ve learned so much in a short space of time. With that being said, I’ve been confident that I could offer a service as a media practitioner – even if only tip-toeing across the amateur, professional divide – for sometime now. So, over the summer I’ve been out seeking work. I’ve meet with some extremely talented people, and I’ve/we’ve got some great projects on the way.

On Sunday I got to shoot my first ‘professional’ film. The client has been fantastic from the beginning – if they’re all like this, I’ve found my dream job.

The Hair Bar in Plymouth wanted a short film to highlight their Halloween services. With the concept drawn up, we worked together to turn storyboard into reality. I’m now looking forward to working on the edit and seeing the final product. I can’t share anything until then, but follow the Hair Bar on Facebook and Instagram to see more. Nevertheless, I wanted to share something to commemorate this experience.

I used Procreate to create this abstract piece, far from what the final product would look like. However, writing this has make me think; what would it look like?




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